Feverish Finished Object Friday

Greetings from my sofa! I (Stewart) am sweating out a fever here at home (and all of the FO Friday images are on my computer). Enjoy this week's selection!

First up is Cate! She knit this warm, zippered Oat Couture vest out of Rowan Big Wool repurposed from a previous sweater (thanks, Cate- now I remember that!). She used the sweetest blue bird as the zipper pull- I took a picture but it was so out of focus, it would make you dizzy! Nice job, Cate!

I love, love, love this picture of Miss Molly. Again, I don't recall the name of the pattern but the yarn is scrumptious Malabrigo. That color does crazy cool things to her eyes!

Katherine knit this vest from knitscene in no time! Please forgive me, I can't remember the yarn she used. It's so versatile and cute!

Jeannette knit this stylish chapeau out of Malabrigo (I think). The pattern is on a sticky note connected to the camera that's at the shop. I'll update when I find out the details.

Finally, I whipped up this owl sweater in no time a couple of weekends ago- it's all in the round so there are no seams! It's a free pattern you can find here. I knit mine out of Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride Bulky in color Sable (it would be delicious in Rowan's Cocoon, too). It's super-warm, just in time for record-warm temps this weekend.... (Thank you to Hannah for inspiring me with your favorites on Ravelry!)

Everyone have a great weekend! Knit lots! And get psyched for our 4th birthday coming up next Thursday, March 12!


Cathleen said...

It is knit from Rowan Big Wool, salvaged from my frogged French Girl Fantine.

Get Well - that's an order!

Pamela said...

I hope you feel better soon! A little vitamin D may help!!

Happy Birthday to the Yarn Lounge!!!